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Got Money?
Escape From Debtors Prison Series

USA Price $14.99

Let My People Go!
Escape From Debtors Prison Series

USA Price $14.99

Debt Proofing Your Holidays
Escape From Debtors Prison Series

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Minister Tyrone Potts:
Presents with both passion and authority. He teaches from his personal experiences combining humor with biblical truths. Tyrone's riveting use of real life examples challenge his listeners to obey God's will with uncompromising faith and unwavering confidence. He gets results.

Evangelist Rachelle Potts:
Speaks with grace and vulnerability. Her intimate presentation style touches the heart of every participant. Zesty, warm and endearing, Rachelle moves her audience to victory with encouragement. She helps individuals embrace themselves and accept the Master's plan for their lives.

The Dynamic Duo

Together the Potts offer an audience the perfect combination. The star quarterback and head cheerleader give a tag team presentation that coaches their listeners right out of their seats and into action. This dynamic duo brings transparency and electricity to every room. Here are some of Potts' rave reviews:

  • "The Potts offer practical information to be utilized by Christians who desire to improve their quality of life"
    Bishop Charles E. Blake, Sr., D. Th., Author, Pastor, Presiding Bishop of the COGIC
  • "This is the most profound presentation I've heard in ages. It must reach the masses."
    Lolita Brown-Fletcher, Attorney at Law
  • "The stock presentation is the most informative. The Potts make investing understandable, even for the novice"
    Pamela Beene, General Manager,
    WHNO-TV20 LeSea Braodcasting, N.O., LA
  • "The Potts have totally revolutionized the way I view money. Now God can trust me with greath wealth."
    Travon Brooks, Christian Television Network, Detroit, MI
  • "Their ministry has affected me so much, I buy and distribute many copies of Let My People GO!"
    James Thomas, Broadcaster 99JAMZ FM, Miami, FL
  • "I was blessed beyond measure. Not many speakers take time to teach so that everyone understands."
    Mo. Laurie Wallace District, h hhhh Missionary, Award Winning Internal Revenue Service Representative
  • "Unbelievable! They did it again! Let My People Go! is somehow even more anointed than Got MONEY?"
    Reverend Keith Magee, MBA, Pastor
    Mt. Olive Non-Denominational Church,
    Boston, MA
  • "What amazing talent! I was so inspired; I kept coming back for more and inviting others too."
    Ron Cooper, Mortgage Broker,hhhhh President, Los Angeles Consolidated Board of Realtors.
  • "Everyone will benefit from this financially empowering message."
    Carl Balton, Vice President,
    Union Bank
  • "The present with such conviction and enthusiasm, you can't be in the same room and not catch on."
    Deborah Smith-Pegues, CPA, MBA Chief Financial Officer, Author and Speaker
  • "Impressive, insightful and totally awesome! I walked out ready to change my way of life."
    Dr. Andre Fredieu, M.D.,
    UCLA Medical Center
  • "I fully support this teaching. Got MONEY? was such a blessing, I actually preached from the book."
    Bishop Darryl S. Brister, PhD, Author and Pastor, Beacon Light,
    MBC, N.O., LA

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